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Archaeological Fantasies

Recalling a number of matters raised in recent Forum sessions – in particular ‘Influences on Egyptology from antiquity until the present day’, ‘Research strategies: method or madness’, and ‘Egypt and Rome in Hollywood’ – I am reminded of a book which came out in 2006: ‘Archaeological Fantasies: How Pseudoaechaeology Misrepresents the Past and Misleads the Public‘, edited by Garrett G. Fagan.


This book discusses the use, or perhaps misuse, of ancient history and archaeology, often to some political and/or commercial advantage, and generally to the detriment of both scholarship and the wider interested public. Essays in the book are presented by authors from many areas of relevant disciplines, including those who have, at some time, sided with those who, to some degree, have supported or been involved in the type of purported misrepresentation in question.


A review of Archaeological Fantasies appeared in an early issue of the Birmingham Egyptology Newsletter. As its subject matter remains as relevant to historical enquiry today as ever, perhaps more so, I reproduce the review here for those with an interest in modern uses of historical material who may find the book of some interest.


View PDF here: Archaeological Fantasies

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