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Birmingham and BE in EES event calendar

As you may well know, several events by the EES over the next few months involve members of BE. The full list of EES events until the end of July and more information can be found at, but the relevant days are:


Tuesday 6th-Tuesday 8th July – Carl Graves (final year PhD and Education and Public Engagement Manager at the EES) will be holding ten evening classes (18.00-19.30 incl. breaks) entitled ‘Culture Clash: Egypt in Nubia’. These can be attended in person at the EES London offices or are available online for a reduced fee. No prior reading is expected, but a course pack will be provided.


Sunday 1st June – the EES will be visiting Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, between 12.45 and 15.30, including three short talks and light refreshments.


Saturday 21st June – Jenny Palmer (final year PhD) and Steven Gregory (Editor of Birmingham Egyptology Journal) are leading a seminar day at the EES London offices, 10.00-16.00. Called ‘Return of the King: Theban Governance at the Close of the Twentieth Dynasty’, it shall focus on the events and chronology at the end of the New Kingdom, in particular the activities and iconography of Herihor.


Tickets for these events can be bought online, and more information can be sought by emailing or by telephone at +44 (0)20 7242 1880



There is also a series of monthly ‘Access Archive Afternoons’, whereby the EES is opening its doors in London so visitors can see the archive, including paintings, film footage and letters. Each afternoon is 13.00-15.30, with an initial lecture 13.00-13.30.


BE involvement is as follows (see the events calendar for the full list):

Friday 9th May – Dr Chris Naunton (Birmingham alumnus and BE Journal editorial advisor), ‘What killed Tutankhamun?


Friday 4th July – Carl Graves, ‘Demon or Deity: The Role of Bes in Egyptian Religion


Friday 1st August – Eleanor Simmance (first year PhD, Forum and TuT Project Co-ordinator), ‘Sistrums are doing it for themselves: Music in Egyptian Life and Death’.
We hope to see you at some of these events!

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