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CRE 2012 proceedings now available

Current Research in Egyptology 2012: Proceedings of the Thirteenth Annual Symposium, held at the University of Birmingham, is now available from Oxbow Books. The volume, edited by Carl Graves, Gabrielle Heffernan, Luke McGarrity, Emily Millward and Marsia Sfakianou Bealby includes twelve papers on a wide range of Egyptological topics – including those of Birmingham Egyptology members :


Emily Millward

Children of Sorrow: Infants and Juveniles in Ancient Egyptian Funeral Processions during the New Kingdom

As part of a doctoral study into expressions of mourning in ancient Egypt, Emily Millward examines a series of decorative images and the displays of grief contained within them. In doing so the gestures adopted (if any are present) by children during funerary processions can be investigated and the extent to which the gestures of mourning adopted by adults and children are similar is assessed. Emily’s paper questions how children interacted with their adult counterparts and analyses a series of data to assess the role of children within ancient Egyptian funeral processions. In considering these points a thorough understanding of the role of children in funeral ritual can be established, adding valuable knowledge to the study of mourning in ancient Egypt in a general context.


Carl Graves

The problem with Neferusi: a geoarchaeological approach

Approaches to ancient Egyptian landscapes are much more prevalent in recent Egyptological literature and in this paper Carl Graves aims to contribute some geoarchaeological observations regarding the location of Neferusi, a settlement attested in texts throughout Pharaonic history. Studies of these texts place it in the vicinity of the 16th Upper Egyptian Nome (Oryx Nome) around the site of Beni Hasan in Middle Egypt. However, successive attempts to pinpoint its exact location have prompted a number of possibilities. While a confident answer is not concluded in this study, a number of new approaches are introduced and suggestions for further study postulated.


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