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Jigsaw lid Creating the pyramids?

by Eleanor Simmance


Everyone needs a break sometimes, but even then some of us just can’t get away from Egyptology! I have always liked jigsaw puzzles, like my father (who owns a Rosetta Stone jigsaw) and grandmother, so I was delighted to receive this as a gift at Christmas – shame on me for only starting it in August! The picture below shows a couple of evenings’ work on this 42×32 cm 1000-piece jigsaw. As you can see I’ve only managed the edge pieces and the horsemen at the bottom, but next in the pipeline are the pyramids themselves, from that mess of pieces I have laid out. After that the sky and sand should just fall into place (with the help of Nut and Geb, of course)…






If it sustains ma‘at in your universe……[Ed.]

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