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Forum report available: Egyptological societies

Carl Graves, PhD student at the University of Birmingham and current Public Engagement and Education manager at the Egypt Exploration Society (EES), London, chaired the last Forum session on Friday 17th October (Egyptological societies and the future of the discipline). His report summarising the ideas voiced can be read at

This discussion brought up the problems faced by Egyptological societies in outreach and maintaining membership, especially amongst the student population. The differences between such societies was also highlighted – Birmingham Egyptology, being university-based, is very different in many ways to the EES, and both are different again to other Egyptological societies throughout the UK and the rest of the world. Nonetheless, all have the responsibility of contributing to and sharing knowledge within the discipline, and one of the Forum discussion’s aims was to identify ways in which societies can continue to engage with people of all backgrounds and ages and ensure the continuance of research and education.


The next Forum session will be chaired by Marsia Bealby, who will lead a workshop entitled ‘How to create and run children’s educational activities for museum use‘. Friday 31st October, 5-7, CAHA Museum (Room 305, Arts Building, University of Birmingham). All are welcome.

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