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The editors are pleased to announce the publication of the following article by Luca Miatello:

Texts and Iconography of Padiamun’s Coffin in the Liverpool Museum

This paper presents a study of texts and iconography on the coffin of Padiamun World Museum Liverpool 1953.72, dating to the Third Intermediate Period. The decorative program is discussed by means of a series of drawings in colour. Protective figures of the Litany of the Sun are depicted in the case interior around an anthropoid djed-pillar, as an expression of the solar-Osirian unity, marked also at the head end by solar representations, including an image of the arched body of Nut, and references to Stundenwachen figures and texts. Protective guardians of six portals of the netherworld are depicted on the sides of the case exterior, which is inscribed with an abridged version of spell 145 of the Book of the Dead. The presence of two hippocampi on the lid, with the vignette of the judgement and an abridged version of spell 125B of the Book of the Dead below, constitutes a further iconographic element of relevant interest.

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