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Birmingham Egyptology Symposium ‘Digging into Ancient Egypt’ – Registration now open!

Digging into Ancient Egypt
4th Annual Birmingham Egyptology Symposium
Friday 17th February 2017poster_2017_birmingham
Registration for the Fourth Annual Symposium, ‘Digging into Ancient Egypt’, is now open. This free one day event will include a full schedule of presentations, with keynote presentations by Dr. Tony Leahy and Dr. Maria Gatto, relating to artefacts from ancient Egypt and their insight into Egyptian art, language, history and culture. The complete programme for the event will be available here once details have been finalised.
Lunch, refreshments, and a wine reception will be provided on the day. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements. Space is limited so please email us directly to register for the event at: 

We are also excited to offer a private viewing of the Eton Myers ‘Objects Coming to Life’ exhibition at the Eton Myers Collection of Egyptian Art on loan at the University of Birmingham, on the afternoon of Thursday 16th February 2017. If you would also like to attend this exhibition, please confirm when you register for the symposium!
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New article in Birmingham Egyptology Journal

The editors are pleased to announce the publication of the following article by Luca Miatello:

Texts and Iconography of Padiamun’s Coffin in the Liverpool Museum

This paper presents a study of texts and iconography on the coffin of Padiamun World Museum Liverpool 1953.72, dating to the Third Intermediate Period. The decorative program is discussed by means of a series of drawings in colour. Protective figures of the Litany of the Sun are depicted in the case interior around an anthropoid djed-pillar, as an expression of the solar-Osirian unity, marked also at the head end by solar representations, including an image of the arched body of Nut, and references to Stundenwachen figures and texts. Protective guardians of six portals of the netherworld are depicted on the sides of the case exterior, which is inscribed with an abridged version of spell 145 of the Book of the Dead. The presence of two hippocampi on the lid, with the vignette of the judgement and an abridged version of spell 125B of the Book of the Dead below, constitutes a further iconographic element of relevant interest.

Forum summary available: Cryptography

A summary of the last Forum by Dr Nicki Adderley is now available, with bibliography:

The group discussed the evidence for and potential reasons behind ‘cryptographic’ writings in Egypt.


The next session will be on Friday 9th December. We have had a change of topic from the original schedule, and the presentation and discussion will now be on bees and beeswax, led by Zara Shoosmith. All are welcome.

Extended Call for Papers Deadline

Our call for papers deadline for our Symposium ‘Digging into Ancient Egypt’ has been extended to Friday 2nd December.

Please submit your abstracts, or to contact us for further information, please email us at:

Proceedings published

The proceedings of the Third Birmingham Egyptology Symposium, held at the University of Birmingham on 19th February 2016,  have been published in the Journal section and include:


Chris Elliot: ‘Pyramisks and Obelids – Pitch Imperfect? The reception of ancient Egyptian architectural elements in pre-nineteenth century Europe’.


Michelle Scott: ‘The blundered name of Khufu’: Ancient identity and modern identification’.

Birmingham Egyptology Proceedings 2016

Reminder: Birmingham Egyptology Symposium Call for Papers

Dear all

This is just a reminder about the Call for Papers for the 4th annual Birmingham Egyptology Symposium, which will be held at the University of Birmingham on Friday 17th February 2017.

We invite abstract submissions from postgraduates and independent researchers pertaining to the individual’s interpretation of the above theme, which can include, but is not limited to, archaeology, art, language, history, restoration and epigraphy. Presentations may take the form of a 20 minute paper AND/OR an A0 research poster. Abstracts should be a maximum of 300 words, to be submitted by Monday 28th November at 5pm to:

The full call for papers can be viewed from the following link: call-for-papers-2017poster_2017_birmingham

Forum report available: games and board games

The Forum sessions are not all fun and games – we aim to engage in enlightening and analytical discussion. However, the atmosphere of the Forum is intended to remain informal, and what better way to do so than to discuss games and board games in Egypt and further afield?


The Forum report summarising the discussion can now be found on our website: (it will be moved to ‘Previous Sessions’ section in a few weeks’ time).
We even managed to fit in a couple of rounds of Senet, albeit with a less beautiful board and gaming pieces than some which have been discovered!

Forum members playing Senet

Objects Come to Life: new Virtual Museum Exhibition

On Friday 28th October, the exhibition ‘Objects Come to Life’ officially opened in the Orchard Learning Resource Centre, Selly Oak. The exhibition of objects from the Eton Myers Collection, on loan to the University of Birmingham from Eton College, was curated by PG curator Stephanie Boonstra, with the participation of students, staff and alumni. The exhibition will be available to view until late Summer 2017 – please contact Stephanie at if you are interested in a viewing (must be arranged in advance).

The physical exhibits are accompanied by a ‘Virtual Exhibition’, which can be found on our website alongside previous exhibitions:
Thanks go to all contributors for their work in highlighting this delightful, yet fairly unknown, collection.


Forum: Time and kingship – summary available

What is time? This was the question posed to Birmingham Egyptology members at the start of the Forum session on the 14th October. Steven Gregory presented some of his current research into Dt and nHH time and its relationship to kingship. The presentation and the ensuing discussion were complex and thought-provoking, and at times rather difficult to express in words. Nevertheless, some words offering a brief introduction to the research presented is now available:



Symposium 2017: Call for Papers

The 4th annual Birmingham Egyptology Symposium will be held at the University of Birmingham on Friday 17th February 2017. The theme will be ‘Digging into ancient Egypt’. Of course, there are many more ways of digging than with a spade, and the organising committee invite papers from postgraduate students and independent researchers pertaining to their individual interpretations of this theme.


The full call for papers can be viewed from the following link: call-for-papers-2017

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