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Birmingham Egyptology

Proceedings of the 2015 BE Symposium Published

The ‘Proceedings of the Second Birmingham Egyptology Symposium, University of Birmingham, 20th February 2015’ includes the following articles:


‘The Kushite kings of the Twenty-fifth Dynasty in the light of Transcultural Studies: an iconographic approach’, by Barbara Hufft, University of Basel;


‘Where is my Mummy…Who is my Mummy? A Re-Evaluation of the Dra Abu-el Naga Coffin of Queen Ahhotep (CG 28501) with Queen Satkamose’, by Taneash Sidpura, University of Manchester;


and ‘The authority behind statues and the authority of statues: sistrophores and intermediaries’, by Eleanor Simmance, University of Birmingham.


Online in the BE Journal at http://birminghamegyptology.co.uk/journal/

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