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Another paper from the Current Research in Egyptology XIII conference held at the University in March 2012 has been published and is now available online.



Steven R. W. Gregory

The role of the Iwn-mwt.f in the New Kingdom monuments of Thebes. BMSAES  20: 25-46.


While clearly recognised as an aspect of the god, Horus, scholars often identify the Iwn- mwt.f as a human ritual functionary who is frequently assigned the title ‘priest.’ The   contexts in which representations of the  Iwn-mwt.f survive – monumental stone reliefs with apparent sacerdotal connotations – has influenced this interpretation. Nevertheless, the themes depicted on the buildings in question in fact reflect the political ideology of the pharaonic state, particularly as it relates to the office of kingship, not a religious doctrine. The present study focuses on the ideological context of representations in the Theban ritual landscape in which the Iwn-mwt.f appears and concludes that the title ‘priest’ may not be appropriate here because the character is not a servant of the gods, but a visual representation of notions fundamental to the structure of ancient Egyptian kingship.


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