Connections: Communication in Ancient Egypt

A former exhibition curated by the former Curator for the Eton Myers collection, Dr Carl Graves in 2012, below you can find the PDF complete volume of articles and individual PDF versions of each author’s submission.

Introduction to the Exhibition

Scarabs: Appeals for Protection and Resurrection (Dr Nicola J Adderley)

Blue Faience Bowls and Social Practice: New light on their use and function (Dr Martin Bommas)

Innovation Through Interactions: A Tale of Three ‘Pilgrim Flasks’ (Dr Carla Gallorini)

Intercultural Communication: Egypt and Nubia c. 2543-1076 BC (Carl Graves)

Visualizing Ideology: The message of the crowned-falcon amulets (Steven R.W. Gregory)

Petitions to the Divine: Communication Through Votive Offerings at Egyptian Shrines (Gabrielle Heffernan)

Writing – Image – Material: On Media and Communication in Ancient Egypt (Dr Michela Luiselli)

The Lost Art of Egyptian Lithics (Meagan Mangum)

Actions speak louder than words’: Gestures of Communication in Ancient Egypt (Emily Millward)

The Dead and the Living Interacting Through Text: An Inscribed Funerary Cone (Valentina Pasquali)

Communication through Music in Ancient Egyptian Religion (Eleanor Simmance)

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